Photo Gallery

Aikido Gallery

[img src=]980Learning Together
Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1040Rocking and Rolling
Interested USC students trying their first few back rolls.
[img src=]10302007 Seminar
Interested students work on the ideas presented to them by Kawakami.
[img src=]1120Peek a Boo
Visiting Instructor Alan Jackson peeks out behind from Wade Hasty's elbow. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1090Teaching
Head Instructor Doug Wedell caught in the act. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1140My Sword
Sword taking demonstrated by Head Instructor Doug Wedell.
[img src=]1090Randori
Senior Instructor Paul Bradley cleverly lining up his ukes in order to control them. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1320Formal 2012 USC Aikido Club at USC Photo
Most of 2012 USC Club with a few instructors. Front row, left to right, Bea Bonnin, Ramona Agnus, Doug Wedell, Nidah Hussein, and Alyessa. Back row, left to right, Wade Hasty, Ryeland Henning, Zoë Toth, Erik Frankforter, and John Lowry.
[img src=]970Tired Ukes
Andrew, Zoë and Erik take a moment to breath after acting as ukes (attackers) for a randori. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1100Fall Friendship Festival 2013
Well, laughing on the mat is a good sign.
[img src=]1030...Must Go Down
A demonstration of how keeping one point can be used to influence ukes.
[img src=]1150The Best Part of a Gift
Everyone knows the box is the best part of the gift for a child. Well, Sensei seems to still have a young heart. (The box was dubbed Bobmon.)
[img src=]1110A beautiful Circle
USC professor Patrick Nolan curved Josie in a beautifully effortless zenpo nage. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1100Hasso
Head Instructor Doug Wedell demonstrates Happo Hasso Aikijogi. Photo by John Lowry Photography.
[img src=]1180Supportive
Head Instructor Doug Wedell flying demonstrates how much energy a controlled, relaxed structure can bear.
[img src=]1160Seminar Shomen.
USC pulled together a beautiful shomen for their 2012 seminar. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1140Shihan
Shihan Dan Kawakami speaks during his 2012 seminar at USC. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1150In Their Hands
Senior Instructor Kevin Duggan helps Bea Bonnin find a Nikyyo. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1270
[img src=]1200An Effective Cut
Head Instructor Doug Wedell demonstrates the importance of a powerful cut.
[img src=]1010Leaping into Aikido
Athony Shearer demonstrates how to get distance with a front roll. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1170Cooperative Learning
Nidah and Jim working on Nikkyo. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1090USC Aikido Club 2012
The USC Aikido Club as we are really are 99% of the time.
[img src=]1170We made the Papers
An article in the Daily Gamecock highlighting the Aikido Club's participation in World Night.
[img src=]1260Paired Aikijogi
Zoë Toth and Erik Frankforter demonstrated a paired, mirrored verision of Aikijogi One at the USC Aikido Club's Fall Demonstration 2012.
[img src=]1140Sempai Guides
Nidah Hussein helps a new students find just where 'down' is.
[img src=]1010The Photographer is Captured
John Lowry catches himself on film in the middle of a thoughful neck drop. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1050What goes Up....
Wait for it....
[img src=]1190Birthday Smiles
A happy Shihan poses with his students after receiving his birthday jo.
[img src=]1180Kawakami 2007
Visting Shihan Kawakami gently guides Suzanne to the ground in his 2007 seminar.
[img src=]1080USC Active Demonstration
After watching what Aikido is, interested students are invited onto the mat to try it themselves.
[img src=]1120The Ones Who Came Before
[img src=]1090Kawakami Teaches
After catching Joe Long's punch, Kawakami decideds to elborate. Photo by John Lowry Photograhpy.
[img src=]1220Human Enso
The students of USC bow after trying practicing in the Aikido Club's demonstration.